Curriculum Vita


Hendrik Louw Primary School (1996 - 2002)

I was a prefect, computer prefect. I was in the first team (most senior and prestigious) for chess and rugby. I was the captain for the rugby and cricket team. I helped with computer repairs and sound engineering.

False Bay High School (2003 – 2006)

I completed grades 8 and 9 in one year. I was a prefect, computer network administrator and I designed the school website.

Unisa (2008 – 2013)

I Completed BCOM Marketing Management remotely via correspondence while working full time.

Work Experiences

Mira Networks (2017 - present)

  1. Live log tracing tool (Erlang/Elm):
    Exposing an interface allowing anyone within the company to live search through all application logs on hundreds of servers.
  2. Configuration Tool (PHP/Bootstrap/jQuery/HashiCorp Vault):
    Allowing config changes which will impact the rest of the microservice infrastructure.
  3. Call Center data warehouse (Erlang/Google BigQuery):
    Allowing terabytes of data to be searched within seconds using Google BigQuery. The exciting part of this was the way we segmented the data in order to save on the query costs.
  4. Google RCS messenger (Erlang/Google RBM):
    Allowing our company to deliver messages to RCS clients. We were part of the beta program.
  5. Telegram messenger (Erlang/Telegram TDLib):
    Allowing our company to deliver messages to Telegram clients.

Genesys Communications (2014 - 2017)

I designed, developed and deployed all infrastructure and web applications.
  1. Front End email builder (PHP/CodeIgniter/Bootstrap/jQuery):
    The application allows clients to login and build their email campaigns. I am currently working on a drag and drop builder similar to Mailchimp. It also has library management as well as account management features.
  2. API integration with Everlytic (Python 3):
    This allowed their frontend to dispatch the mails via an external esp without leaving their application. This allows a user to use a generic internal interface to be used between on the frontend even if they want to use any external esp integrations.
  3. Own home grown ESP (Python 3):
    Everlytic got too expensive for the company so I wrote a drop in replacement from scratch. This also used the generic internal interface allowing users to switch between ESPs. It manages contacts, subscriptions and lists. You provide it with an HTML template and it creates a personalised copy for each contact on the list and sends it to them. The app also makes use of multiple processes to increase performance and concurrency.

Mira Networks (2012 - 2014)

  1. Landing page Manager (PHP/Symfony/HTML/CSS/JavaScript):
    Application where clients could manage their landing pages for mobile marketing campaigns. I took over an existing project to clean it up and added new features.
  2. Landing page Renderer (PHP/Symfony/HTML/CSS):
    The application that served the landing pages to the public. I took over an existing project to clean it up and added new features.
  3. Call Center frontend (HTML/CSS/jQuery):
    The software the call center agents used. I got handed a monolithic PHP application which I had to slowly rewrite into microservices without causing downtime.
  4. Call Center backend (Python/Pyramid):
    Using a REST based APIs, I split the application into microservices. One of the services crawled a mailbox to add tickets to the system and another could automatically process some tickets and close them.

RetailTribe (2008 - )

  1. Managed 2 developers from the development company we outsourced from.
  2. Created or approved all specs for websites and applications.
  3. Designed and/or approved the UI's
  4. Coded PHP and managed the developement of websites/applications
  5. Quality testing all websites and applications.
  6. Support all the applications by writing fixes or delegating to the outsource development company to fix
  7. IT Troubleshooting from internal network to website hosting