Portfolio Website of Ian Jacques Janse van Rensburg

Who Am I?

I am a PHP and Python 3 developer at heart with a degree in marketing which I believe gives me an edge when developing systems/applications. It allows me to not only take a concept through all the stages to deliver a complete product but also to understand why and how it impacts the target audience.

How it all started?

While I was still in high school I started playing around with creating basic HTML websites. From there I wanted to get "fancy" so I added CSS and Javascript. Soon this was no longer enough to fuel my passion for creating new and exciting things so I added PHP to my stack.

What started out as a hobby turned into a small hosting / website company, forcing me to learn how to install and configure my own servers (Ubuntu/Debian) with nothing more than a terminal.

Naturally I got bored of just websites, cron jobs and bash scripts. The next challenge was to create a server daemon... Realising that my current tool set was too limited, I turned to Python3 to help me solve the problem.

At Present?

I am a full-stack developer with multiple server-side languages in my arsenal. Giving me the ability to architect systems to scale, horizontally and vertically, all the while conserving valuable client- and server-side resources.

Or figuring out cost saving strategies like fitting large datasets with hundreds of queries into Google BigQuery's free usage tier. Never a dull moment to be had.

Whats Next?

Who knows what my next challenge will be and what I would have to learn to conquer it...